Monday, August 24, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #15

Another fabulous Raspberry Suite Color Challenge by Dawn McVey! Here is what I came up with...
The card base is made from cream cardstock, even though it looks white. The butterflies were punched from melon and pink cardstock then crinkled, for a bit of a distressed look, to match the torn edge of the pink cardstock below. Then embellished with spring moss buttons. The vine border was inked in spring moss and the apron lace border was punched from melon cardstock. Finished the card of with a touch of cream twine and a sentiment.

That girl always amazes me with her creative color combos!
Aren't you amazed...No stitching or knots! :D Except for the buttons of course, but that doesn't count. Anyways, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Thanks for visiting me today, hope you enjoyed the card! Bye, bye!
It's A Girl!: (All PTI unless noted)
  • Stamps: Beyond Basic Borders & SU Nursery Necessities
  • Ink: Spring Moss & Pink
  • Cardstock: Vintage Cream, Bazzill Med Pink & SU Groovy Guava
  • Accessories: Spring Moss Vintage Buttons, Twine, Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch, Fiskers Apron Lace Punch, Corner Rounder


  1. Super take on the colour challenge! I'm still trying to work my head around this one LOL!
    Your CAS style works SO well it's so very elegant!

  2. Maile! This is so CUTE!! LOVE the butterflies and buttons!

  3. So wonderful! I was wondering how you got so much texture on those adorable butterflies :) Dreamy buttons!

  4. This is really cute! The butterflies are great! Your twine is more like thin rope, I like that!!

  5. Just beautiful Maile! Love it so much!!

  6. Lovely job on the color challenge....

  7. Gorgeous! Those butterflies make me seriously happy.

  8. Lovely as always! I'm a sucker for butterflies!

  9. This is just lovely. I enjoy all your creations so much!

  10. This is so pretty! Awesome job with the colors. :)

  11. OH MY WORD! I am IN LOVE with your little crinkled butterflies!! Amazing card!

  12. So Pretty...Love those little butterflies!!

  13. Beautiful Maile! I love the crinkled butterflies!! Awesome job!

  14. this is a wonderful card. I love the height and the butterflies simply emphasize it!! And I love how you connected the crinkled butterflies to the tearing element!!

  15. love the shape of your card. great little distressed butterflies with buttons. cute stuff!

  16. Oooohhh...Maureen's right - you do AMAZING well =) So simple, but stunning!

  17. So cute! I love the butterflies! What a great baby girl card! :)

  18. Wow! This is amazing!!! I absolutely love your simple style, yet it is still so fresh and chic! Awesome card:)

  19. So cute! i love the line of butterflies and your twine!

  20. Ooo so cute Maile! I love it! Your crunkled butterflies are great!

  21. Super cute butterflies, buttons and floss. Way to rock this color combo.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E

  22. I love the crinkled butterflies. I never thought of that before!

  23. Oh I love this, such a great layout!

  24. I love your card! Very cool :)

  25. Very pretty! Love your crumpled butterflies! :)

  26. Hello deary!
    I totally thought I commented on this card, but then I realized I didn't!! Oops!
    This is SOOO cute! I love, love, LOVE your crinkled butterflies, I might have to try that!Such an adorable baby girl card! Makes me want to have a little girl even more now!!
    You're always coming up with such cute ideas girl!! Man, you amaze me!!
    I just want to say you're very welcome for the photo tips on making them click-able. I really feel like I didn't do much to help though. I just thought your work is so pretty and it's always so nice for people to be able to click on the photos so they can see all the pretty detail.
    I also want to thank you for all your wonderful inspiration you give me too! And I give you the credit for inspiring me on the "mod" flower design! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have thought of it! It's always neat to glean and be inspired from other's ideas!
    You can find my email address on my facebook profile, just click "info" and you'll see where it says "email:' and it shows my email address. I just don't want to share it on here for all of cyberspace and the world to see! Ha!Look forward to hearing from you! Blessings!

  27. Very cute!! Love the butterflies up the border :)

  28. oh wow, how adorable! what an awesome card! the butterflies all aligned on the right, awesome look! love the twine as well! :D

    Clouds :D

  29. Oooo, great job with the challenge! I love the buttons on the butterflies.

  30. So super cute! A pick for sure!

  31. Ohhhhh, yum! What a wonderful answer to Dawn's color challenge! I adore this: beautiful work!

  32. I love your butterflies!!!! Super cute card!

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