Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hi there!  I've got something new and exciting to share with you today!  My good friend and favorite cardmaker, Cristina Kowalczyk, has some exciting news. She’s also an author (she writes under her maiden name – Cristina Henriquez), and her novel, The Book of Unknown Americans, comes out TODAY! To celebrate, I, along with a few other crafty friends, are helping her spread the word about her book.

Ben Fountain said it was “a triumph of storytelling,” Heidi Julavits called it “extraordinary,” and Amazon editor Chris Schluep chose it as his “must read for summer,” saying, “This novel snuck up on me. It’s moving and beautifully written, never overwrought, and I read it virtually in one sitting. It’s compelling, tragic, sometimes funny, uplifting and heart-wrenching. I can’t stop thinking about these people.”

Cristina is giving away 5 signed, first-edition copies of The Book of Unknown Americans. And because this is all about spreading the word, there are four ways to enter.

1.      Tweet about The Book of Unknown Americans (#UnknownAmericans)
2.      Write a Facebook post telling your friends about the book
3.      Pin the cover of the book on Pinterest
4.      Or simply leave a comment on Cristina’s blog

If you do all four of those, that’s four entries! (On Cristina’s blog, submit one comment per entry. For example: “I tweeted!” “I put it on FB!” “I pinned it!” etc.)

From all the comments on her blog, Cristina will choose 5 people to win a copy of the novel. Plus, one lucky person will win the grand prize, a signed book plus a giant stash of craft supplies – stamps, dies, inks, you name it!

For more info about the book and other ways that you can show your support, head over to Cristina’s blogAlso be sure to check out what our other crafty friends are saying about Cristina: Julie, Virginia, Jennifer, Debby, Wida and Laura

I am so thrilled for Cristina and so blessed to call her friend.  Though we are many miles apart and have yet to meet in person, I have a real connection with this dear friend and I couldn't be more proud.  Huge congrats my friend!  I'm anxiously awaiting for the arrival of my very own copy.

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  1. Yes, yippie for her and yay for good friends supporting their friend:-)

  2. Friends supporting friends...how fortunate we are to live in an age where instant communication can make this happen.

  3. I always think it's so awesome and amazing, when you can instantly connect with someone, without even having to meet them in person! :)

  4. It's so nice of you to help spread the word about Cristina's book. Just another reason why I love the crafting community! After seeing your post, I ordered myself a copy. Can't wait to start reading it.