Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hellos and Wedding Wishes

Hey there! I'm back today for the final day of the August Papertrey Ink countdown. Everything you've seen peeks of will be available tomorrow! 

And of course I bring you a couple more sample of my new designs for this month.
Here I've put to used an extra die cut Splits: Giving Thanks frame that I had laying around.
It was stamped in smokey shadow and then I used my color pencils to add a bit of color to the details of the frame. I stamped the "hello" (from the Tropics stamp set) in a contrasting color (Scarlet Jewel) and then mounted it onto the card base at an angle. 
This one-layer number focuses on one of the sentiments from the Fancy Foliage stamp set.  
The sentiment has built in floral embellishments already placed on either side. So this card front was stamped only once (super easy!) and then touched up with color pencils.  

Well, that finishes up this months release for me. Just remember... all that you've seen today will be available for purchase through Papertrey Ink, beginning August 15th. 

Now, be sure to visit the Papertrey Ink blog for more crafty goodness.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Only you oould get away with things this CAS. Love the way your mind works!


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